Cooking can become easier and faster when using the correct kitchen equipment. By utilizing certain utensils and convenient modernized kitchen technology, you can also improve the overall quality of your culinary creation. Here are 10 game-changing kitchen tools every home cook or chef should have:

Immersion Blender

An immersion blender will save you a lot of time and dirty dishes. This convenient blender is handheld and goes directly into the food in the dish you’re using to cook in and blends the food up perfectly. This product is great to use when making soups or frozen drinks and its lean design means it won’t take up much room when being stored. This gives it even more advantage over a traditional bulky and heavy full-size blender.


Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is one of the handiest kitchen appliances you’ll ever own, especially if you’re a busy mom or work full time. These appliances allow you to create an entire meal just by throwing ingredients together. Slow cookers do most of the work for you by cooking it at a consistent speed and steady temperature. Slow cookers are great for making a large dish that has many servings. Crock pots can be used for cooking nearly anything you’d cook in the oven these days, but are most known for cooking delicious soups and roasts. Small slow cookers are also great for making dips for parties.


A set of tongs is such a simple tool, but also a vital one. Tongs with good rubber heat-resistant grips are the best quality. Tongs will make everything from flipping hot dogs on a grill to boiling vegetables easy. Using tongs when boiling some vegetables, such as corn, will keep you from getting burnt. Tongs are also great for finger foods presented at parties. Tongs enable your party guests to easily grab finger foods and place them on their plate without having to use their hands or awkwardly trying to pick them up with a spoon or fork.

Commercial Microwaves

Rapidly cook and reheat food in you restaurant, fast food joint, or catering establishment with commercial microwaves! If you are looking for a light duty style for simple heating, or a medium or heavy duty unit for tasks such as cooking and steaming entrees, you are sure to find the best commercial microwave oven for your kitchen’s food needs.

Slipmat Baking Sheets

Slipmat Baking Sheets are your right hand man for all of your baking needs. Forget parchment paper, these bad boys can withstand extreme heat and even heat transfer. You simply lay these smooth thin flexible mats in the bottom of your baking pans when baking and your pasries and cookies will smoothly glide right off of the mat when you pull them out of the oven. This eliminates a mess and solves the hassle of burnt cookies or pastries sticking to the pan so you no longer have to scrap them off of the pan or deal with burnt pieces of dough. Slipmat baking sheets are durable and nonstaining so they’ll last a really long time and now you can bake with ease and keep your baking pan and Slipmat clean as well as have perfect cookies. These convenient mats are also handy for rolling out and kneading dough because of their non-stick properties.


Knife Sharpener

A quality knife sharpener, like Accusharp, is a must-have in the kitchen of a chef or home cook. One of the first things Culinary students learn in Culinary school is that a dull knife is the most dangerous thing in your kitchen. A knife sharpener like Accusharp gives you the convenience of sharpening your knives right at home within just a few strokes.


When it comes to suffering burns in the kitchen, there’s nothing more risky than handling boiling water improperly. When choosing a strainer, you want to choose one that has small holes rather than large holes or metal mesh netting. Large holes can cause your spaghetti or rice to fall through, making a mess in your sink and ruining a large portion of the food you just boiled. Metal mesh strainer holes are often too small causing boiled onions or any fresh herbs added to your mixture to get clogged in the metal netting, slow drainage and the metal mesh strainer a lot harder to clean. You’ll want a strainer with small holes, about 2.3 mm, so it’s versatile with the different variations of food you may need strained. A strainer is extremely important to have because they prevents burns from splattered boiled water when draining. It’s important to choose a high quality strainer. There are many strainers available on the market today but out of all of the different designs, materials, and hole sizes- the RSVP International Endurance Precision Purest 5 qt. colander is the best. This strainer doesn’t burn your hands or let pasta escape, is easy to handle, fits perfectly over a bowl for precise draining when it comes to draining things such as hamburger fat and doesn’t have a low sitting base that causes your bacteria-infested drain water to mix in with your freshly boiled pasta while the strainer is in the sink.

These simple but highly needed kitchen tools will keep your cooking tasks simple.